Ottimo COVO

Ottimo COVO

The fusion of 'Italian' and 'Japanese'

The fusion of
"Italian" and "Japanese"

Japanese tradition and Italian cuisine
which is the origin of
Western food have combined.

Inside the restaurant, original Italian cuisine has been infused with
traditional Japanese style dishes that can impress gourmets and atmosphere of Japanese.

Italian cuisine carries the concept of "a restaurant where you can enjoy the luxury that tastes the seasons." Comfortable Japanese space, sumptuous Italian cuisine served in Japanese dishes, Everyone who knows the real wonderfulness will surely be satisfied.

Please enjoy Italian cuisine to shake your five senses.

With the meaning of your special " secret place "
We named Ottimo COVO.

Please feel a premium moment that
a secret pleasures awaits.

Iwanaga Chef


During his school days, he was fascinated by Pasta and Italian food from the encounter he had 19 years ago.

Walking around and eating in Italy, reached at Italian cuisine fused in the North and South. He discovered a wide range of colors and flavors that incorporated seasonal fruits and vegetables daringly. The Iwanaga Chef will challenge the new frontier "fusion with Japanese".

We serve the best dishes
that will impress gourmets with
luxury ingredients used generously.

A dish in which Italian food and Japanese food are collaborated.
Italian cuisine served in Japanese-style dishes that can
only be eaten by Ottimo Covo.

The First Visitor

We would like to be a restaurant to
create with customers.

Cherish the important space of our customers.
Your visit is an introduction system.

Visit us with
accompanying guests

Please visit us with guests who have already used our restaurant. we will receive your name.

Introduction by

We will contact you when we receive your name and contact address from customers who use our restaurant.


Customers who received the official invitation from us will be welcomed.



MONDAY - SATURDAY 6:00 pm - 11:00 pm(10:00pmL.O)

(It may change depending on the buying situation.)

10 seats at a counter

8 fl. Canal Side BLDG,
3-3 Soemoncho,Chuo-ku,Osaka 542-0084



from Subway Station

  • Nihonbashi Sta.
    via Sennichimae / Sakaisuji Line
    Exit2  4min.
  • Namba Sta.
    via Midosuji / Yotsubashi / Sennichimae Line
    Exit14 6min.

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Ottimo COVO